Welcome to my travel and healthy lifestyle blog!

Maps and Sneakers is a blog that covers healthy lifestyle and travel themes. Travelling makes us grow, dream about adventures, finding ourselves and often plays with our curiosity. And as the blog is meant to spread sunshine and inspire others to travel and seek, what I`d call, food for the soul, I decided to share tips and motivation on maintaining healthy and active lifestyle. You will find my personal weightloss journey, fitness routines and meal prep ideas. I train regularly and I am getting to know my body better every day. My way to living healhier life has its ups and downs and what helped me personally go though the failures were people who have been though the same struggles. Thanks to social media I have access not just to recipes and empty advises but I can follow people and their progress, learn from their mistakes and get inspired by their results. Getting to know what food ingredients work for me and my lifestyle, getting fit and eating clean, staying active, training, exploring the world  inspires me to love myself and be a better me 🙂
This blog was created to bring just one message – Feed you body and soul kindly! 
*I am not a dietitian or a trainer but I am a person who used to have fast food meals daily and absolutely no meal regime and tended to overeat. Changing my habits and getting to know better, healthier food ingredients, learning to cook and train have helped me loose weight and get a healthier look. The recipes cover pescatarian, vegetarian and vegan food.