Rainy days in Rome

Ya, that`s right. We were in Rome in May for 4 days and it was pouring most of the time. Luckily there were people selling umprellas on the treats for 3-10 euro each and that helped us a lot. Although day 3 my sister got a bit sick due to the cool weather and amount of gelato we had 🙂

Once again we rented a lovelt room vie airbnb ( Bedroom “Quattro” with South-West Sun ). We had a lovely host who prepared a breakfast for us every morning as well as coffee. The metro was neatby as well so I definitely recommend that place in case you are an airbnb member.


I did spent all day long in the city center and it was just breath taking. Of course our first stop was the Trevi fauntain. I know this fautain thans to my colleagues from uni here in Copenhagen who have told me about a famour Italian movie called La Dolce Vita which has been shot there. Here is the famous scene is case you are interested.


It was really packed. Not that much in the evening though.


Next stop – The Colosseum! We found a lot of people selling umbrelas and sefie sticks there. Remember to bargain because theys ell it muchmore expensive than normal.

What we did is to take a guide. There are people in front of the monument giving name tags that assign you to specific tour group. It is 3 time more expensive but you get to hear interesting stories about it and have less waiting time… much much less waiting time.


60549161_844095775970882_8979468570761101312_nOf course we did not miss to have our own moment there 🙂


To be honest we were truly busy with having fun and catching up as me and my sister live in different countries so we did not spend a lot of time in museum.

One of the best monuments we saw, and I believe this is one of the greatest buildings I have ever seen, is the Altare della Patria.


Honestly guys, when you are with good company,have a good beer and a lot of time, it is impossible you do not enjoy anywhere you are. We arrives there for my sister`s birthday and that was the best decision we have made because since then we have been to Austria and Sovakia together ( just last week for my birthday) and it was amazing! Stories very soon to read!

Travel! And live! Beccause life is short!


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