We visited the Vatican City!

My lovely little sister had a birthday this spring which was the reason we decided to spend 1 week in Italy. I flew from Copenhagen and she flew from Bucharest in Romania ( which airport is closest to our hometown in Bulgaria). It is amazing how cheap all 4 flights were really. I assume that was about 100 euro for hers and my flights. I must admit it does give me a hint of guilt thinking how many cheap flights I have had this year, mostly…because they were affordable. I do not try to pass my air pollution responsibilities to the airlines… or maybe I do? I have had 12 flights already this year and I have 2 more booked in a month for my birthday. The flights in Europe are so affordable…

Moving to the core of this post – we visited the Vatican City! Most of you maybe know that this is the heaquarter of the Roman Catholic Church and it is based in Rome. Our first impression was the looong queue and I believe it was not a weekend.




So in order to skip it, we decided to take a guide. TIP!!! There are guide agencies advertising tours in the Vatical all the time. This guarantees you a quick entrance and headphones where you can listen additional information about all monuments inside. However, I must be honest and say that thsi was such a waste of time! The headphones were so quite and the tourguide had an accent which was very hard to understand. Moreover, we were speeding through each gallery and part of the museum and we did not have a chance to stay for a while and explore on out own. It took us about 1,5h to visit the whole thing. I cannot believe I paid double for this service. In addition, the whole group was dissapointed how quick we went out and once you go out you cannot go back due to security and rules. I would definitely advice you to go there early and explore the place on your own.

The tour started in the museum.


and then move dto the Sistine Chappel which is the official resistence of the pope. I was covered tiwth many religious paintings. One of them was The Creation of Adam  which we were not allowed to take a photo of. IN fact you cannot take photo of any of the paintings in the chappel.
Once you exit the Chapel you find yourself in front of St. Peter`s Basilica. Photo below:



That church is one of the most amazing and enourous buildings I have ever been in. This is the moment also when the tour guide left without a word and we never heard anything about this place. And as it was really ward we did not stay much longer inside.




I think it was more than fascinating to visit the Vatican, however I woul truly advice you to wait on the line and enter with a single regular ticket. Of course, it is better to read through some more recommendation on what to see and expect. Try to make a plan and built general expectations what follow. And believe me, there is a lot to see 🙂

Next stop – Rome!


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  1. ourcrossings says:

    Wow, Vatican looks and sounds like an amazing place to explore and photograph, would love to visit one day 😀

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