Farm life in Germany

It took me few minutes to decide where the focus should be in this post… I indeed went to Germany by train from Copenhagen this spring. I visited a friend of mine who lived in a small farm 1h away by train from Hamburg. However, I had a whole day to emplore the city on my own during the day. In these kind of short trips I truly value the Hop On Hop Off busses πŸ™‚ There were at least 5 touristic busses in front of the Central station in Hamburg. The train takes about 5-6 hours one way when taking the ferry between Denmark and Germany. Jumping from a train to a buss to see the city was definitely not optimal πŸ˜€ but it did work for me as I got off trice.

My first stop was the City Hall.


Right in front of it there is a canal. Right across the canal there is a white building with a tunel side where you can find cafes and clothing shops. As I do not mind having a a meal on my own I did stopp by for a glass of mine there. View below:


That area is also known as the Venetian style part of the city. The building I find myself in for a glass of wine is called Alster Arcades .

After that I found myself in a lovely park where the trees were blooming and I allowed myself to put my Martenitsa on it. It is a Bulgarian tradition ot exchange white-red colored fabric bracelets to celebrate the upcoming spring and nature`s new cycle. The tradition says we have to place the bracelet on a tree which gives fruits whenever we see the first stork πŸ™‚ Weird, huh? We all do it and love this tradition so I did not miss to place my martenitsa on a tree in Hamburg.


That park had an amazing view of a lake in the middle of the city. When the guide dropped us there, they pointed all 4 churches you can see. Hamburg has many churches and they have a great history. Most of them have burned out in the past, however, they were rebuilt. You can see these 4 here:


After my Hamburg day touring, I got the train to Brunsbuttel and my friend picked me up. It took 15 more minutes to reach the farm I was supposed to stay at for the next few days.
My friend works on a project by the sea during the day which meant I had the whole farm for myself and meditation. Wonder what it was like?





Imagine I did not have my laptop with me but just my phone and really bad internet. This is why I gave myself into cooking and making new friends.





Although that was a short trip, without much planning, it was really relaxing. And I have never been in that remote area in Germany before. It was nito to be with a friend in the middle of nowhere for a while – to gather thoughts and not try to get to know the place even. Just been there was wonderful.
And I love to collect good memories from kind people. The first day I tried to take on some of the sunshine outside the farm and a neighbour sawe me. He came with a chair and placed it in front of my front door s I can sit comfortably. Before that I was just sitting on the porch. How kind… he did not even speak English but he smiled kidly and I thanked him and we spoke the same language somehow. I remember that πŸ™‚


So, once again! Go and travel! Collect lovely memories and be good to each other πŸ™‚


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