Half marathon in Brussels ( solo trip )

Yeps, I did it again! Another half marathon but this time in Belgium!

Last year I ran the half marathon on Brussels. It was a trip I have been thinking about for a year but never had the guts to trully pursue. I genuinely believe that we should pursue every dream we have and ideas should turn into plans. If you feel pationate about something, go a chase your dreams, push your limits, test yourself.

I had a sleepless night once last summer, thinking… if I have one passion, that is to be active and do things. I like to run especially and it has been a sweet dream of mine to beat my previous half marathon record ( 2h20 mins in 2016 in Copenhagen ). Since then I have been very active and sporty and I knew I had to strength to do another half marathon. And there I am, 1am, sitting on my kitchen table with my laptop in the dark booking tickets. Tickets – checked! Marathon entrace tickets – checked! Airbnb – checked! All booked in 1 hour. Then, that`s called a goo dnight sleep. With a smile.

And there, I found myself in Brussels 2 months later. I had booked a 2 night stay in a nice house close to the start line (Cinquantenaire Park). Just 3-4 mins walk from it. TIP – I did fly to Charleroi airport which means you have about 40-60 mins with a buss to the city center. Check the buss scheduled online prior booking to that airport.

The first day I step exploring Brussels ( not too much as I did not want to get too tired for the next day). I had a nice meal and got some chocolate for my co-workers in Copenhagen.



After I carbed up and relaxed, I took the train to Heysel station to see the famous Atomium monument. TIP – you can buy the tickets from ticket machines directly on the metro station.Β 


Yes, that was a solo trip, and yes, I asked a trourist to take a photo of me πŸ™‚ It is full of tourists in most major cities, however, I must admit, I have been in a situation where I have asked one to take a photo of me and theyΒ  have refused. Not only refused but ignored my existence around them πŸ˜€ and that is okay; it is okay to say No, or express it somehow.

The big day has come, it is the 28th of October and the race will start. I got to the Expo section and got my number and I bought a race T-shirt which usually is free and explains why the participation ticket for this race was also cheaper πŸ™‚ Much cheaper than the Danish one I attended the year before.




And the finish line photo session:




It took me 02:05:35 sec. to cross the finish line. For some reason I think that heavy lifting, squats and bulking has helped me run faster rather than last time when I trained only with runing long distances. I believe I have worked on various muscles this time which helped to me run faster.

And guess what, I am planning my next marathon or half marathon in foreign country again in 2020! Stay tuned for it!

No matter how smooth that half marathon was, I did feel exhausted after that. Went to the airbnb and took a shower and then off to dinner. Yeps, no problem having a dinner on my own in a fancy restaurant πŸ™‚

La Terrasse restaurant in front of Parc du Cinquantenaire

The next morning I got a cab and they took me to the buss station. TIP – most taxis do not have POS terminal so make sure you have cash. My taxi driver took me to an ATM at 3am and he came with me to the machine to make sure no one will attack me or steal something. Brussels is not that safe, especially in the night.Β 


I was a bit unlucky because the time did change ( 1h behind ) exactly on the day I was travelling back. So for some reason, the taxi called me 1h earlier and took me to the buss station 1h earlier πŸ˜€ I had to wait in the cold in front of it on a street with bare litght. Not to mention the station was close duntil 6-7am… there were some homeless people around sleeping on the street. Yes, you can see that there. Anyway, I assume when they saw me sitting on the corner of a staircase trying to get warm wearing 2 jackets, they might have thought I was homeless too πŸ˜€ It is funny to think of it now, it was not that funny back then πŸ™‚

My final TIP is to always try to calculate every step you make during your solo trips. Even if we speak about financial or organisational matter – google information, call whoever necessary but never be scared to take a step forward on your own πŸ™‚ Adventure and joy awaits you beyound your comfort zone and you will never feel the same after that πŸ™‚Β 

Stay adventurous and took that flight!





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