Adventure in Switzerland!

Hi everyone!

Kisses from from cool Denmark, where the autumn already greets us with cotton clouds and chilly wind. I know it has been a long time since I post any of my adventures here but that`s only because there were many of them at once!

This spring I visited Swetzerland. The way I would describe it in 3 words is (incredibly) beautiful, (crazy) expensive and (very) international. I have been there once beforefor work as I have worked as a translater before, however, I never experienced how expensive it was because my company was paying before and I also spent my time mostly with local business people, so I never had the freedomt o walk around and explore and socialize freely. Well, the beautiful nature acannot be covered and hidden by anything 🙂

This time I went there to visit a close friend who lives in a small town called Thun. This is a small town in mid-west Swetzerand, close to lake Thunersee. I got a flight from Copenhagen to Basel which was very cheap – about 50 euro both ways, direct flights. And this is the point where I wish my friend lived in Basel 🙂 because the train tickets to Tun were about 60-70 euro one way. I know – CRAZY! Even for someone living in Denmark 🙂

I managed to spend a whole day in Basel. I think it is very cozy and modest city. I walked, rather taking buses etc.




However, guys, I would not recommend longer stay if you are looking for a more sightful place to be. I got the train to Thun where I mt my friend, and let me share these beautiful photos I have taken from Thun. It is extremely peaceful place. I did have a breakfast in a local place next to the train station in Thun and took a table for one. It impressed me how sweet and lovely the local people are. Every person who took a seat next to me greeted me “Guete Daag”. A Lady even had a chat with me for 10 minutes while we had coffee next to each other. I have a very warm memory from that morning in that cafe.

Thun Castle
View from the house

Thun is also a walkable town. I must admit I had a 1-2 hours walk about it and visited only few stores and had a walk to a castle-museam kind of building. The very first photo is the view from that muniment ( you can see it here: ). The day after that me and my friend took another train to Zermatt. Can I call it the Apple of Swizerland? 🙂 Because it was so georgeous there! Again, count it 60-70 euro per direction with the train. And it is hell worth it. You can buy the tickets online fo course. I believe I had them on my phone. TIP: Always have your passport with you when you travel in Switzerland, especially by train. They do check, and you will need it when on board. 

Then you can enjoy amazing sights likes these:


I believe in moments like this one I need to upgrade my subscription. You need to see videos from a train ride in Switzerland. Unbelievable.

Once we got to Zermatt we had a walk around the city, it is a small cozy city where you can snowboard and ski anytime fo the year. We took a lift to Trockener Steg. That was CHF 54,50 per person for a return ticket with a small cabin lift. To be honest I did not ski or snowboard but rather had a good time with my friend, enjoyed a good Swiss beer.


There are many lifts aroun Matterhorn – the epic peak which you may at least have been on the Toblerone chocolate packing. There was an option to go to the Matterhorn Glacior Paradise station which is the one before Trockener Steg, however it wa sunreasonably more expensive ( according to me). And the view was the same 🙂 TIP – if you are looking for a nice view you might consider as well the slow train to Gorgergrad. It is almost the same price but it is slowly moving, with an epic view. I managed to find this view for you, guyes –  and moreover you can find all lifts, prices and opening hours and seasons here: .


For anyone who speaks Bulgarian…

TIP – Always have warm clothes with you when in the montains!

After enjoying some beers on couple of the lift`s stops, we could not miss to buy some Swiss chocolate and then enjoy the local cousine.


I finally tried this fondue and I loved it!

View from the train on the way back

What followed was a very nice evening with my friend and his roomies. They cooked lovely dinner and we had a glass of wine together.


I think it is so great when you have friends living aboad. You can visit each other and/or travel together. I never miss a chance to invite friends to visit me in Denmark as well. I believe it is a great opportunity to show them this country and the way of living here. It is enriching and important for me.

Do you have close friends about as well? Have you ever visited them or hosted internationals home? Share your store with me in the comments section!

Stay tuned for my next post about my trip to Germany! That`s it from me now!

Keep Travelling and smiling! Be pisitive and loving people!





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