The perfect human!

Exactly 2 years ago I met a stranger. I dont know how you feel about strangers but often I am twice more honest with them than with most of my friends. I find it easier to share. Tell your secrets, your deepest thoughts and just let it go with them.

We met in a very fast-moving period in my life. I did just graduate university and in the beginning of 2016 I was working 3 jobs, one of which full-time. I found comfort in an organized and full weekly schedule at this point. Money was good, too. At this very stage, IΒ  decided it is a good idea to start start training for a marathon… and I was also attending a language school twice a week in the evening. You dont know what you are capable of until you try!

I remember the shocked face of that stranger when I told him I want to be a perfect human! Is this too crazy to wish?

What is a perfect human for you?

In my opinion, a perfect human is the one who makes the most of his/hers situation and is productive with his/her time. This is why a perfect human can be anyone and we can be very different from each other. And it is all about optimization! A healthy kind of optimization! What a sweet feeling it is to be productive, to create, to belong to an idea, to develop yourself, to strive to be better than you were a year ago, to beat your own life obstacles, to set a goal that requires tears, sweat, painful headache, all your time and emotion and dedication which would end ONLY when you are done! When you achieve your success! What a good feeling…

If I had to draw a map of someone`s life I would place lightning sign on each event in it that made them feel they had purpose, in which they felt fulfillment and dedication and I would put a heart sign just right next to it because the dedication and vision comes from the heart, doesnt it?

I feel it is a very special day in my life today. Dedication and ambition has different shapes! Always remember that and do whatever is necessary to get where you want to be! I have been working one single job for the last year which made me feel I had no purpose; I was truly unhappy. I left it. Two weeks later I got a new job, my dream job! I decided to hit rock bottom and be unemployeed in order to have enough time to find a job that suits my standards and beliefs. It might have been the Law of attraction, luck or hard work of non stop sending applications for weeks that brought this job to me… I dont know. All I know is that motivation and determination can be expressed in different ways!

Follow your heart! Isolate! Believe in yourself! Dream! Set a goal! Focus and ignore the noice that surrounds your dream! Be strong! You are strong! Fight it all! Do not settle untill you get where you want to be!

Be the perfect version of yourself! And mostly, love yourself no matter what! Be strong for you, do it all for you!



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