Why does kale make you ICK!?

I just spent few minutes googling facts about kale and noticed a bit of negativity toward this ingredient. I don`t really need to ask Why. I get it – it is tastless. Moreover, it is one of these foods which I can eat plenty of and still feel hungry, just like…chips without fats.

But anyway, todays it has entered this worldwide healthy menu of chia, avocado, passion fruit, durian and who knows what else which seem to be THE THING in social media when it comes to healthy eating. I do not like it, but I also do not hate it. I have this friend from Italy who really loves meat and hates veggies. Once she said that  the only way for her to eat a veggie is if she litteraly hides one in the meal and cooks it until it dissapears among the meat 😀 I guess that`s one way to eat it.

I decided to apply her practice as well and this is what I came up with: DONT MAKE KALE THE STAR INGREDIENT IN YOUR MEAL.

In the salads below I have added extra vinegar, olive oil and I have used poached egg`s yolk to add more heavy taste for the greens. I have used arugula which is very aromatic and tasty. In addition, you may use extra peper and chilli flakes.


  1. Kale 🙂 
  2. Baby spinach
  3. Arugula
  4. Salmon fillet
  5. Half avocado
  6. Cucumber
  7. Cherry tomato
  8. Poached eggs
  9. Seeds paleo crackers
  10. Salt, pepper, chilli flakes


In addition, here I have googled 10 great facts about kale:


It`s not that bad after all… I promise! 🙂


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