Post workout meal!

If they say happiness is within us, then obviously we are in charge of it.

I do believe to be happy is our own choice. That`s why today I kicked the gym with 1 hour HIIT class – pain, sweating; that workout took my breath away few times. And the good pain… It hurts! Then I begin to wonder why do I do that to myself. I look good anyway…  The truth is I look and feel better after every workout. It pays off. And the relief when the training is over… I feel like I deserve more and I am capable of more. I`m proud of myself.

When the sweat is gone get home and get creative. Inspire yourself to create a nutrient food that will strengthen your body. Make a healthy meal  because you love yourself and you want to be the best version of you for you!


I had baked sweet potato from the night before. Warmed it up, cooked mushrooms on a pan for 2 minutes with coconut oil. If you wish to have the egg in that shape just cut some peper and place an egg inside of it. Then put it on the microwave for few minutes but not too long.

Stay healthy!


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