Weight loss journal – tips on eating healthy at work!

They say we cannot outwork a bad diet and my personal experience only proves that. Until a month ago we used to have a canteen at work, or you may read this also as overeating, multiple cheat snacks and often tempted to eat some mayo and what not. I had still unhealthy habits althought I was training regularly, and of course, I did not realize that until my company decided to stop the catering and I had to cook my own lunch. And being at the gym before work the very same day did not make me feel any regrets about putting unhealthy food on my plate. I used to take some salad aside, nuts and eat an apply with my lunch so “that should be fine and enough” I thought. Now I only realize I had very bad habits which I learn to fight. So my new year resolution has started already a month ago and I decided to share my meal combos and tips with you!

Kick start the day with a fulfilling and healthy BREAKFAST

7.30 am – 500ml of water, enjoying Americano + spinach with a little bit of coconut oil, 2 boiled eggs.


SNACK before lunch! – High carb coconut ball.

Keep snacks on your desk just in case you get peckish. And No, I do not mind on snacking some avocado with peper and salt. Yam! 🙂

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Keep drinking WATER!  At least 2l a day. It is somehow easier to drink water at work when you fill in a bottle and keep it next to you. I try to do the same at home as well.

12.00-13.00 – LUNCH break! To be honest, it was one of these days I had no time to prepare lunch, so I bought this meal from 7- Eleven 😀 Yes, I could buy a sandwich or croissants BUT there is nothing like fresh food.


17.00! Time to leave the office and head to 1 hour cardio and weights lifting class and according to my fitness app this should burn around 500 kcal. I decide to believe it 🙂


DINNER! Never later than 19.00 pm. Keep it light and nutrient!


I hope my daily meals inspire you to erase the bad habits and focus on what meals work for your body and keep you energyzed!





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