Avocado and eggs for breakfast!

The good books say it right – the breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But what is a good breakfast anyway? Some people may have a coffee and an apple, others a chocolate croissant and latte with 2 suggars or banitsa ( for all my Bulgarian readers 🙂 ). What is a good breakfast for you?

From all diets I have tried so far, I have figured I need a high fat breakfast that will keep me full for longer and will deliver nutrition at its best, especially when I plan training the very same day.

A breakfast that can keep you full for longer is essential but let`s not forget that a cheese and bacon sandwich or a cinnamon roll from the local bakery can do the job as well.
Dont get tempted and try to buy groceries regularly which include breakfast ingredients. Create habits!


Nutrition facts:

Avocado – Low in suggar, high in monounsaturated fatty acids, zero cholesterol, contains vitamin C

Eggs – high is fats and cholesterol, high in proteins ( double when cooked ), vitamin B-12, A and D

TIP: Boil the egg 4 to 5 minutes to achieve this effect.



Half avocado
1 egg
Baby spinach
Whole grain bread
Coconut oil ( thin layer over the bread it you wish to keep you full for longer )
Chia seeds
Salt and peper



10 minutes







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