Barcelona – take me back there!

Maybe weird but Barcelona has never been in my bucket list. I have always thought that I know what the city is like and because I like surprises and getting lost into unknown places, Barcelona has always been way behind in my travel plans. I thought “Oh yes, tapas and paella, hystorical buildings, reggaeton, palms, many tourists… I know what`s there”. And truly, thank God, my company had an event they sent me to last year. I spent 3 days for the event and 2 full days to explore. Boy, have I been wrong about this place! The paella, tourists and palms were there, but I have underestemated this city a lot.

A friend of mine came to spend there 2 days with me exploring. The city is huge and has so much to offer, and therefore, is very expensive. Do your research when getting there 🙂 Especially for hotels. We stayed in the inner part of the city in the cheapest hotel possible – 2 000 DKK for 3 nights for 2 people.

Recommendations for sightseeing:

the Columbus Monument (Mirador de Colom)

If you want to see the city with an bird view that is the place!

This building has an unique story. The consruction started in 1882 by Antoni Gaudi and they still finish it. I would actually recommend you do not read much about it but just go and get a recorded guide which will tell you all about the monument. It was a building I have never considered visiting just because it is so famous and I am so happy I got the chance to see it now. One hint: it does look like a forest from the inside 🙂 Are you curious?

My advise is to go to the very top of the monument and see the city. You need to pay additionally if you wish to enter the towers.


A place with increadible nature, fabulous fountain, view over the sea and the city and hills, castles.


Other places to see:

  • Casa Batlló

  • Palau Güell

  • Park Güell

    My advice is to buy tickets online. There were strict schedules on when tickets can be purchased for Park Guell so we could not get in as we were there in the afternoon. Plan everything in advance.

Here you can find more ideas and plan your trip to Barcelona.


Keep exploring and make the most of every trip! 🙂




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  1. Happy Vee says:

    Great post! Loved this place!😍

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