Weightloss motivation! I ran a marathon!


Keep yourself motivated!

Long story short, in 2013 I moved to Copenhagen to do my masters degree. This completely changed my lifestyle. I had to study, work part-time and also go to Danish language school ( and trying to maintain a relationship ). I will just mention social life was very hard. It was very stressful, working in bars and restaurants. No time for fitness or travelling. I ate at my work a lot and irregularly, I drank there too. The result - 10 kg weight gain for 2 years. I hated it. Clothes did not fit me anymore. I did not feel myself and friends did make comments on that change. I felt so down :( SO! A change was needed and in spring 2016 when I graduated and luckily got a job straight after graduation, I decided it was time for a change. I started running every morning. I had to be at work at 09.00 am. I would wake up at 05.30 am, be running outside by 06.00 am to 07.00 am. Get home, make myself healthy high protein breakfast and hit the road to work at 07.45 am. This continued few months when I realized I needed more motivation. I followed so many weight loss journeys on Instagram and once I saw that man who ran Copenhagen`s half marathon. I remember I ran around the marathons signs the day of the event and I wondered what is going on that day... wasn`t too long after I sighed up for the half marathon as well. I needed this motivation and I have never ran a race before. It was all so exciting. 

I felt SO motivated. I had a goal! It was not all about the weighloss obsession anymore. It was about pushing my limits and working on myself.

My friend took that photo of me that day:


About 6-7 kg less on this photo!

It is possible! You just have to decide! 21,1 km – 2:21:40 and I am so proud of myself!


And I was not done. One month later I bought a ticket for the marathon in 2017.

I ran 42,195 m for timing 04:57 hours!



I would do it again!

Keep pushing your limits! Get to know yourself! Be the best version of yourself and be happy!

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