Salmon with baked veggies and smashed potatoes

Maintaining a healthy fat diet is easy if we create the right habits and get used to the better choices! This meal is rich in carbohydrate, good fats and vitamins.

Nutrition Focus:
The salmon: omega-3 fatty acids, protein and vitamin B.
Potatoes: carbohydrate source
Baked veggies: Brocolli ( Vitamins A and C ), mushroom ( tasty 🙂 , low in calories, no fat and cholesterol ), garlic ( Vitamin B-6, Calcium, Vitamin C ).

2  salmon fillets

Smashed potatoes:   potatoes, onion, milk, salt and peper

Baked veggies:   brocolli, onion and garlic, mushrooms, scallion

TIP: Use foil to bake the salmon to keep it more juicy!


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