Working in Warsaw?!

Do you also get that mixed feeling wondering whether you are on a holiday or work while on a business trip?! The company I work for sent me for 3 days in Warsaw to attend an event. The event itself was just 2 days but I took a day extra to explore the city. It is so awesome when you work for a company that allows you to travel and gives the opportunity to experience different places!

Warsaw is a gorgeous city! I took a taxi which dropped me at Marriot hotel and I was just astonished by the Palace of Culture and Science which was just accross the street from the hotel.

Palace of Culture and Science

Not far from that area is the famous old town of Warsaw where I spent the whole day. It would take you about 30 minutes walking to get to the old own from Marriot. And if it is as cold as it was when I was there it might take you even less time getting there 🙂 And yes, it was too cold for sneakers this time but I got a free map of the city from the hotel lobby. It was much needed having no data on my phone.

In the old town you may enjoy unique medieval architecture. Each building has its own design and color ( which reminded a lot of the Danish architecture as well). Narrow streets which lead to St. John`s Cathedral. It is full with bistros where you may try traditional Polish food and drinks. Unfortunately, I ended up in a place called the Hidden Bistro where they did not have any vegetarian Polish meals so they made up this 😀


The little streets of the old town. I loved to get lost there…





What I found very impressive was the Old Town`s Market Place. It is a square full with restaurants, shops and also painters expossing their artwork. I was there in mid November and it was quite empty as it was so cold. At that square you may also find the Museum of Warsaw. The tickets is 20 PLN and they are absolutely worth it. The musuem is newly renovated, huge and so service-minded as well. You will meet lovely guides on each floor to introduce to you different aspects of Warsaw – artists, history, politics, architecture, archeological findings and so on.

On the very last floor there is a view of the whole market square.



My city exploration ended with a glass of wine in a lovely wine bar close to the old town. Here are some interesting bar suggestions!

As for the event I attended, I had the chance to meet great people and see the night life. There was a life music event at Hard Rock Cafe organized by the EBM team which ended with drinks on Marriot Hotel Sky Bar. That being said, I did have the best mohito at the sky bar. It was so good that we complimented the bartenders who shared that this bar was the best in Warsaw. I would definitely reccommend going there or if someone can share a cocktail challenge for the sky bar, please share 🙂

View of the city from the 36th floor:


So, I definitely vote for travel opportunities when you search for a job! 🙂

Keep travelling, keep exploring and make the most of every trip!





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