Summer days in Valencia!

In July I took 2 weeks holiday from work and decided to visit a friend who lived in Valencia at this time. I haven`t seen her for 2 years maybe so it was a great opportunity for us to catch up.

I arrived late. There was 2 hours delay with Ryanair ( no suprise for me ). I got a taxi from the airport and went straight to her place where she was hosting a party and everyone was already tipsy from the homemade sangria they had 🙂 My friend and her roommate, welcomed me with a drink but I knew I had to change fast so we can leave to the club. The club is called Mya and is placed just below Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia which is an opera and cultural spot in the city. One of the best club in Valencia – it was full with internationals and there was music for any taste. The club is made of several halls where they play different music. The best part of it is the last floor ( the photo below ) where they play mostly Reggaeton and the view over the opera is breath-taking!

Mya Club


The sunrise…

I did manage to take a photo of my friends walking home from Mya while trying to focus the orange tree. I never noticed there were orange trees everywhere! Well maybe because of the sangria 😉


I stayed in one of my friend`s roommates room. He was on a holiday at that time so I was lucky to get his bed. IT WAS SO HOT! There was no air conditioning but I had a small fan which weirdy helped me sleep through the hot night.

The next day we got 3 city bikes and I went to the beach which was not that far away. It was so nice to finally wear swimming suit and enjoy the beach. And what a beach that was! This was the widest beach I have ever seen. It was so beautiful and painful to walk the long walk to the water through the hot sand 🙂


We had some beers and the day just passed like seconds. An useful tip – it is better to have cash with you when going to Spain. In Valencia, I needed it for the taxi
( there are not many taxis with available credit card readers ) and also for the local shops. We needed cash to get some beers on the beach and we all know how essential drinks are in this case 😀

The nexy days I had quality time with myself on  La Malvarrosa beach 🙂 My friends had to work so we could spend only the afternoons together. We had lots of drinks and tapas 🙂 I have been to Spain before. However, I think I like Valencia more compared to Barcelona, for instance. It was not touristic and it was quite quiet and easy going city; no rush and traffic. However, I stayed just 4 nights and I enjoyed the beach the most so I did not explore the inner sight a lot.

We went to some shopping malls and had a walk at the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia. I guess every new place has a sight that just leaves ever lasting impression on me. In Valencia this was definitely the Opera house.


Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia

Of course, I cannot fit all experiences and impressions in one article and I would also like to keep the time with my friends for myself but the city was definitely worth visiting!


Prices were low and nothing to compare with Barcelona! I think the attractions were not that many but if you are looking for a place to party and a great beach to chill I would definitely recommend it! I went there with no bigger plan but to see my friends and get some tan. I am sure you`ll have more to explore and tell me about! 🙂

See you again, Valencia!

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