Lovely weekend in Budapest!

This year had a great start! 2017 started with a long weekend to Budapest in February! It was a cold month to travel so I left my sneakers in Denmark 🙂 I traveled with my friend Ioana and stayed in an awesome apartment near St. Stephan`s Basilica for 3 nights. In fact, it was exactly in front of it. The photo below is the view from our window. The place we booked though airbnb and it is called Night with Angels. I know… at first the name creeped me out as well but then I got it had to do with us being close to the basilica 🙂 It was an awesome place to stay and we had two metro stations closeby. The host welcomed us with a glass of wine and it was warm and cozy which was nice since it was a cold winter outside.21908900_1655577731184052_893109402_o

We happened to have very foggy weather and missed few cool sights some of the time but the city is so gorgeous that even that could not hide its beauty.  We could definitely sense the city`s spirit.

The first day we visited the Buda castle. We were dropped by one of the hop on hop off busses which are such a good deal when you stay shortly in a new place. It was a bit foggy so we could not see the castle from the river. It was once we passed Danube river walking though the bridge we could notice the silhouette of the castle and it was magnificent. We got tickets and went up with some kind of an old fashioned lift. The view was still poor due to the weather but it was definitely worth going up to the terace.



I guess the place did not seem that touristic because of the cold weather. We spent the day touring the city with the buss. I am impressed what an amazing city this is and holds so much history on the streets. We later got ot the Hősök tere (Heroes’ Square). It was quite touristic and we magaed to see some sun for some good photography.

Hősök tere (Heroes’ Square)

In the evening we went for a cozy dinner. Unfortunately, we did not try any traditional main meals but we definitely ate a lot! 🙂 We did try a traditional Hungarian desert. It was made of dough and it was quite sweet. I cannot remember the name, nor could I find it online but if someone knows the name of the desert please share below 🙂


One shot for all my pescatarian lovers 🙂 

We also went to New York Cafe. Really famous and fancy restaurant. They had live classical music, just a small orchestra so I did not cheat on the atmosphere and enjoyed a glass of fine red wine before we head to the next attraction in our list 🙂

New York Cafe

On the next day we had booked a day at the spa at Szechenyi Bath. We took the metro from our place to the baths and the building looked like a museum. My friend showed a photo of the baths to a friend of hers and he thought that was actually a painting 🙂 We spent there all day in the pools, saunas, and also had a nice aroma massage. I am not used to such experiences but I felt I deserved it I must admit. We all do once in a while 🙂



I saw in the facebook page of the baths they have cool pool parties in the evenings. I would definitely come back for one of those soon!

In the evening we went out for a short walk to the Buda castle and the Parliament. The parliament is a massive building, and close by there is a memorial called The Shoes On the Danube River. It is in memory for about 800 Jews who have been shot during the time of the Arrow Cross terror. I think this memorial had most tourists from all attraction we visited.

The parliament
The parliament in Budapest

Anyways, Ioana had her pro camera and made so many pictures. I did not value taking photos until then since I tend to enjoy the experience and rarely take photos even of myself and I guess she had a point. If I had more picture my first blog could be more visul. Lesson no. 1 learned 🙂

We also went clubbing one of the nights, however I was so exhausted I barely made it 2 hours in the club.

I have to note how cheap everything everywhere was. Dinners, spa, transportation and tickets to attractions… maybe because I live in Denmark and here everything is so expensive, everywhere else I go it seems so attractive price-wise 🙂

I would definitely go back to Budapest! I missed the night pool parties after all! 🙂


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    Ahh, those baths! We only had 2 hours there, but it was so good and cool to stay in the hot wather when outside were 0 degrees. We also were in Budapest in the winter, for the New Year’s Eve, so a good start of the year for me as well 😉

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